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Process of work

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    At Next, successful kickoff means getting to the bottom of user expectations and needs before project designing and development.
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    Product Development

    We repeat the process over and over to get your idea into the shape. We use Scrum to make our work efficient and valuable. The key elements of Scrum are:-
  3. Scrum Planning

    With you plan which features to be included in the product and then implement them. We plan work in intervals called Sprints which usually lasts 2 weeks.

    Scrum Implementation

    We divide our work into small parts so that our efforts can be seen individually in each sprint. Every sprint delivers a different piece of work.


    Transparency is the thing we value the most. Every sprint we adapt to change and strive to make it better.


We guarantee transparency on every step of our way, to gain your trust.

Time contract & Accurate time logs
You only pay for the amount of time our project team has worked for you and you can check the time logs anytime you need.
NDA on request
We understand that you may want to hide your ideas in all ways possible, therefore, we agree to sign NDA's.
Direct access to Development Environment
You can clearly see what's going on under the hood, anytime, to make sure everything is according to your taste and ideas.
Time zones are not a problem
You may think that time difference may create a problem, but fear not, planned sessions, weekly calls and communicative channels do the needful.

Tools of Trade

The tools through which we communicate are based on the needs of the projects. Here ae some tools which we use frequently:-


Real communication tool
Real communication tool for the clients and the team. Every project has a dedicated private channel to discuss their work. This way your project info is both private and transparent at the same time.


Project management software
Here you can see the current status of your project, past doings and future planings. Also, from here you can check time logs and progress in you project.


Knowledge base kept in Confluence
Here's where we keep plans, retrospectives, documentation and other know-how pieces for everyone to know, for the smooth running of the project.

G Suite

Utilisation of tools from Google
To share information we utilise tools from Google. The video calls are handles via Hangouts and the documents are shared via Drive- in folders with accurate accessibility for Next and its client's team.


A place to share and store send code with world by developers
A global platform that enables you to collaborate and present your work instantly, no matte what platform you work on.

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