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We are at the forefront of developing upcoming cutting edge mobility solutions. And we are now breaking barriers by being one of the first providers of PWA in the market.

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Why we need Progressive Web Apps?

While traditional responsive websites, cordova apps and native mobile apps are powerful, they each have their own limitations…

Excruciatingly slow
The traditional reponsive websites with their monolithic codebase are heavy and slow to load.
No offline access
Slow and unreliable mobile networks, no way for websites to optimize the experience for the customer.
SEO penalties
The slower the website, the lower the Site Rank in Google Rankings. Thus impacting your SEO efforts.
Multiple builds
To deliver the same content or updates across platforms, multiple build cycles are required.
High abandon rate
According to Google studies, slower websites have 40% higher abandon rate.
Subpar experience
Traditional websites lack the `feel` of native apps, thus making user feel frustrated with the entire experience.

Progressive Web Apps relieve these limitations by delivering a user experience that combines the benefits of both web and mobile apps…

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  1. Connectivity independenceThe websites work also in low-speed network connection areas and even completely offline.
  2. Always FreshThe stale content while the application was offline automatically updated upon resuming internet connectivity.
  3. Progressive in natureWhether using Chrome, Safari or any other browser, the PWA will continuously improve, leveraging features available on the user's device.
  4. No App Store HassleApps do not need installation and allow sharing via URL, just like any other website.
  5. Increased customer engagementPush notifications, app like install are just few of the many features avaibale to PWA's to improve customer experience.

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